Welcome to THEN, the journal about technology, humanities, education and narrative.

THEN is a peer-reviewed journal that takes a humanities-based approach to research on technology in education. Published work will be available both online and as print issues available on demand.

THEN honors a broad range of approaches, including anthropology, critical theory, ethnography, historical inquiry, narrative analysis, and philosophy. Alternative media and experimental formats are welcomed.

In doing so, THEN aims to showcase work that develops innovative models and approaches for using and understanding technology in education. We are especially interested in scholarship that does not fit into traditional categories within schooling and educational research -- for example, work that mixes the creative and the empirical, bridges academic and popular culture, blurs the lines between study and play, or blends scholarship and social activism.

THEN is not currently accepting submissions. Please email inquiries about THEN to thenjournalinfo@umich.edu.